Lag Ja Gale (Bhoomi) Guitar Chords

Song : Lag Ja Gale
Movie : Bhoomi (2017)
Singer : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
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Chords Used : {A} {F#m} {E} {Bm} {D} {C#m}

Rabb warga ve
{Bm} {A}
Rabb warga…
Mainu hai mila maahi
Rabb warga… (x2)
{D}     {Bm}

Zinda hai yeh dil mera
Saanson se teri sanam
{A}             {F#m}
Tere dil mein basa hai mera saara jahaan
{F#m} {Bm}                             {A}

Pehla pyar tu mera
Tu hi aakhiri sanam
{A}    {F#m}
Teri chahat ko maan baitha main hoon Khuda
{F#m} {Bm}               {D}                         {E}

Tere mere pyar nu nazar na lage
{A}                           {F#m}
Ruk ja o yaara aaja lag ja gale
{A}                         {F#m}
Jaan waliye lag ja gale
{F#m} {Bm}        {A}
Jaan waliye lag ja gale (x2)
{A} {Bm}              {A}

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