• Le Chal Mujhe (NH10) Mohit Chauhan Guitar Chords

    Le Chal Mujhe Song From Movie NH10 Sung By Mohit Chouhan Full Song Guitar Chords With Piano Notes, Sargam Notes And Video Tutorials First Available Only On Piano Daddy.

    Song : Le Chal Mujhe
    Movie : NH10
    Singer : Mohit Chauhan
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    Chords Used : {Em} {Am} {F} {G} {Bb} {F#m} {C} {Bm} {G#m} {C#m}

    Le chal mujhe
    {Em}{Am}  {Em}
    Le chal mujhe kahin door
    {Em} {Am} {Em}    {G}
    Yahaan se door.. yahan se door
    {G}       {F}    {F}     {Em}
    Kho jaayenge phir kahin
    {Bb} {F} {Bb}     {Am}
    Rou aayenge phir wahin
    {Bb} {Am}{Bb}{F}  {G}

    Aankhein tujhe ye dhoondein kahin
    {Em}                        {Em}
    Ab aaja sata na, tu aaja sata na
    {Em}                  {Em}
    Teri chahaton mein phirun baawra
    {G}                       {G}
    Dhoodhun kahaan tujhe meri jaan
    {F}                    {F}
    Aankhein tujhe dhoondhein kahin
    {Em}                    {Em}
    Kho jaayenge phir kahin
    {Bb} {F} {Bb}      {Am}
    Rou aayenge phir wahin
    {Bb} {Am}{Bb} {C} {G}

    Lo chal pade, lo hum chal pade
    {Em}    {Em}   {Em}      {Em}
    Tere sang, tere sang, tere sang
    {G}          {F}             {Em}
    Bhaag jaayenge phir kahin
    {Bb}    {F}{Bb}     {Am}
    Laut aayenge phir wahin
    {Bb} {Am}{Bb} {C} {G}